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Oil Gather S-01 oil adsorbent sheet

is a durable nanofiber sheet in an easy-to-use size,


developed to prevent marine pollution in ports from oil spills.

(emergency equipment for heavy crude oil and oil spills)


It has been issued a Type Approval Certificate.

(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan)

Type Approval Certificate

Oil Gather S-01 and Oil Gather S-02 has been issued a Type Approval Certificate (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan).


HSK’s WATA and Oil Gather S-01, S-02 nanofibers have unique functionality (such as improving water quality while adsorbing oil), but specialized methods allow for them to be further functionalized. Therefore, they have the potential to be utilized in a wide range of fields.


Nanofibers tend to attract attention for their ability to adsorb oil and separate oil from water in oil spill accidents. However, nanofibers have a wide range of applications. Their sound absorption, thermal insulation, thermal retention, and filtering effects have the potential to resolve environmental problems (such as air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, noise, CO2 emissions, etc.) as well as agriculture/food, decontamination, virus, medical, and many other issues facing various fields in our society.


Realizing this potential, we decided to enter the business and have been working on the development of nanofibers with new functionality and applications.


In the midst of global environmental problems, resource depletion, fossil fuel supply constraints, food shortages, and population explosion, mankind is faced with the challenge of building a truly sustainable society. To contribute to society in even the slightest way, we would like to continue our research and product development by asking ourselves, “Can nanofibers solve this problem?”


Additionally, we have started custom-made production of functional nanofibers according to the substance to be purified. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

– HSK Inc. Hisashi Takakita

Oil Gather S-01

Technical Overview

Our WATA nanofiber, which resembles cotton candy, is a specialized ultra-fine long fiber in the area of around 500 nanometers in diameter and has a specific surface area more than 1,000 times larger than that of a strand of hair.

It is believed that when the diameter is thinned to nanosize, the specific surface area effect causes strong intermolecular forces to act, allowing air to pass through but generating a strong adsorption force.


While our nanofibers demonstrate high performance in the filtration of liquids, air, etc., they now have established a reputation as an excellent oil adsorption and oil-water separation material.
*See the adsorption experiment below.


In addition, we successfully developed Oil Gather S-01 in an easy-to-use form and with a soft, non-woven material covering, which maintains high lipophilicity while overcoming the cons of nanofibers such as its easy ability to tear and difficulty to collect (Type Approval Certificate issued).


WATA and Oil Gather S-01 are next-generation oil adsorbents that have special functions not found in any other oil adsorbents, and of course demonstrate the highest level of oil adsorption, retention, and water repellency as oil adsorbents.

Adsorption Experiment

1 g of nanofiber adsorbs 120.5 g of oil

1 g of nanofiber before adsorption
Nanofiber is added to oil
30 seconds after adding nanofiber to oil
1 minute after adding nanofiber to oil
5 minutes after adding nanofiber to oil
Scale holding the plate is zeroed
Nanofiber is removed after 5 minutes and 20 seconds
Nanofiber's weight after adsorption is 121.5 g

Video of Experiment

Technical Applications

Sewage Treatment for Restaurant Grease Traps

For example, when a restaurant’s dirty dishwater mixed with oil, residue, and detergent comes into contact with nanofibers, the murky sewage can be purified and made so clear that you can see through to the bottom.
*The same effect may not be observed depending on the amount of residue in the sewage or the type of detergent involved.


There are also data showing that when an oil adsorption sheet is left floating in the second layer of a grease trap, it collects only the oil and continued use of the sheet improves water quality.


After use, the sheets are basically disposed of as industrial waste after consulting an industrial waste disposal company. However, since nanofibers do not absorb water, they can also theoretically be incinerated, their volume reduced by heating, and be allowed to decompose naturally.


Factory Wastewater Treatment and River Water Purification

Nanofiber oil-water separation technology is expected to have a variety of potential technical applications, ranging from wastewater treatment in metal processing plants to oil-water separation tanks in production and maintenance plants, river water purification, and even oil field pipelines.


Please feel free to contact us if you are wondering how nanofibers can be applied to a particular situation.

Technical Details




  • Nanofiber (melt spinning) equipment
  • Nanofiber sheeting equipment

*Both by Kansai Electronics Co., Ltd.


<Manufacturing Method>


  • Melt blowing (melt spinning) method

Oil Gather S-01

This product is made by covering fluffy WATA (aka cotton candy-like nanofibers) with non-woven material and forming it into a sheet.

By covering tear-prone nanofibers with non-woven material and constructing it into a sheet, the nanofibers are strong enough to not shred easily. The sheet form also makes it easy to handle during oil treatment and oil recovery operations. Type Approval Certificate issued.


<Size and Weight>


  • 450 mm (length) x 300 mm (width), approx.
  • 36 g/sheet

*An even more compact 300 mm x 300 mm size will be available in the future.


Nanofiber Technology

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